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Deep Data. Deep Intelligence. Deep Health™.

We have been studying human health since 1984. This is invaluable today when 86% of premature death is caused by Non Communicable Disease (NCD)*. In other words, by what we put in our mouth, and what we expose our body to.

We developed Deep Health™ devices to measure variables not measured by other commercial instruments.

What makes us unique is a large user base who have continuously provided us bio-information. This information is fed to our proprietary artificial intelligence health engine. It performs ROC Chart analyses and can predict the health effects of our actions with 96% accuracy.

Our Deep Health™ Device has measured up to 36% biological “stress” in a person in a day. It has measured poor health in seemingly healthy 24 year olds.

Don’t fly blind. Know your Deep Health™ data. Knowledge allows you to make better decisions and live a far healthier life.