Unfettered means to be free: unchained, unrestrained and unafraid. 


Unfettered is a brisk, refreshing read that is packed full of unconventional yet important wisdom about life priorities for self-improvement gathered over 40 years


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In this book by you will get the skinny on: 


  • How your mind shapes your destiny
  • The importance of your belief system
  • Which lifestyle changes you should make first
  • The #1 most important habit of highly successful people
  • How to embrace change
  • The fastest path to accomplish your goals in life
  • Power tips for time management
  • The main difference between bums and billionaires
  • The vital importance of air & water quality
  • Little known "secrets" of health & wealth


We all want the freedom to be authentic & give our full attention to the people and projects that matter the most to us. But many people go through life feeling perpetually “stuck.” They feel trapped by their circumstances and swamped with negative thoughts. They dwell on an unhappy past or uncertain future and get ensnared by emotional trauma or addictions. Years of negative thinking can accumulate and create physical health problems.

Most people are running an outdated “mental operating system" that has become infected by negative belief-based “viruses.” That is why they feel stuck. By cultivating a healthy mind that runs on clean, upgraded mental "software," almost anyone can see the world differently and experience better results. It can sometimes happen in the blink of an eye, while other times it can be as long as it takes to read a book or listen to a podcast.

Unfettered is written and designed in a clean, Zen-modern style. It contains no fluff and no intellectual self-help jargon or exercises. The author speaks from the heart and gets straight to the point. This illustrated coffee table book will delight readers with 14 "gold nuggets" of life wisdom gleaned over Dr. Joseph's 30+ years of experience as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, scientist & martial artist. It plainly & succinctly reveals the key concepts that are integral to a happier & more successful life.

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About the Author

Dr. Bomi Joseph's roles in life have included CEO, scientist, entrepreneur and martial arts coach and a World Health Organization advisor. He lives in the Silicon Valley, California and has spent his life travelling all over the world researching the impact of plant-based medicine on diverse cultures for optimal health.  He is a father of two beautiful daughters and a young son. He is currently a consultant to the Peak Health Center and where he is focused on developing health improving digital technology