Bomi Bites: The Ultimate Snack Food

Introducing a delicious, high fiber, low insulin, seed & nut-based snack

Most snack foods are heavily processed and they raise our insulin levels too high. Insulin is a hormone that helps us absorb glucose (blood sugar). When we eat carbohydrates, the body breaks them down into glucose. As our blood glucose levels rise, insulin gets released from the pancreas and it tells the liver, fat and muscles to absorb the glucose. This process keeps our blood sugar balanced.

In the pre-agricultural & industrial world, carbohydrates were a rare treat. Refined sugar didn’t exist & honey was guarded by swarms of angry bees. Wild fruits, full of stringy fibers and seeds, were available for only a few weeks during their season. For most of human history, our insulin levels rarely had the chance to get too high, too fast... or too often.

Why Ultra-processed Foods are Bad for You 

Agriculture made fruit and grains available year-round and the industrial revolution allowed for the mass production of sugar and flour. These two ultra-processed "culprit" foods are digested very rapidly, causing blood sugar and the resulting insulin levels to skyrocket and then crash leaving us hungry for more. This sharp, high-peaked insulin spike is devastating to our health. Insulin resistance is a major factor in the modern obesity epidemic where more than 70% of US adults are now overweight and over 10% of the population has developed Type 2 Diabetes.

The Importance of Roughage

Foods high in "roughage" or indigestible vegetable fiber - such as vegetables, husks, seeds and nuts - cause a natural, healthy insulin response that rises 'slow and low' and then gradually dissipates.

Our body is the healthiest when our guts have to work hard for little nutrition. Our GI tract contains layers with hundreds of smooth muscles and powerful acid designed to "churn and burn" away layers of fiber and roughage. We are built to extract scant nutrition from rough and crunchy, hard-to-digest natural foods. We evolved to eat whole vegetables, including most stems and seeds, and the entire animal, including the skin and bones. Regularly eating high calorie density,ultra-processed foods like frozen yogurt or Fritos causes our GI tract to languish and our insulin levels to rise too high, too fast.


The Solution: Low Calorie Density, High-fiber "Bomi BitesTM"

It’s never been more important to "Rough It®" by eating more high fiber, low insulin index foods. That’s why we developed Bomi BitesTM, filled with whole grains and nuts bound together with just a touch of raw honey. Raw honey taken straight from the hive is alkaline and loaded with healthy peptides, enzymes and antioxidants. Bomi BitesTM are sure to satisfy your cravings and support a healthy digestive tract without raising your insulin levels too high. When you don’t have time to make home cooked, high-fiber foods... just grab a Bomi BiteTM or two and get on with your mission. They’re delicious, guilt-free and good for you: the perfectly-balanced snack!

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