Introducing: A Health Diagnostic “Digital Smart Scale”

 Deep Health


Our society places great emphasis on outward appearances: hair, muscles, skincare & makeup. But when it comes to our health, what’s happening deep inside us matters the most.

Most people are completely “in the dark” about their current state of health, other than the sparse feedback they get from a bathroom scale or bloodwork at their annual physical. With the advent of fitness tracking devices like the FitBit and Apple Watch, the public has become more aware of their heart rate & physical activity levels. But those two metrics barely scratch the surface of the multiple factors that affect our well being. The advanced sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) technology of the Deep Health® Device measure our health in far greater detail.

The Deep Health® Device is the culmination of over 30 years of research by Dr. Bomi Joseph & Dr. Avi Cohen. It looks like a digital bathroom scale but it uses far more advanced technology.

It contains 16 histologist sensors that intricately measure our bodies using temperature, pressure, acoustic & ultrasonic waves and micro-electrical signals. The Deep Health® Device sends out subtle currents and measures the degree of resistance it encounters inside various tissues and fluids, revealing a wealth of detailed data about your body’s internal structure & health condition. All the data gets calculated and displayed on the Deep Health® iPhone App.

Deep Health app

About the Deep Health® Index

The Deep Health® Device gives you a detailed breakdown of various tissue components: muscle, fat, neuromuscular tissue (tendons & ligaments) and bone mass. This helps you understand the key physical elements of your health score. Just like you have a credit score based on various financial factors, the Deep Health® Device assigns you an overall “health score” ranging from 0 to 120. Your score is based on your:

  • Cellular energy (ATP refresh) capacity
  • Heart mass
  • Liver health
  • Mitochondrial density
  • Neuromuscular tissue
  • Blood oxygen capacity
  • Skeletal muscle mass
  • Vascular stroke index
  • Visceral fat

… as well as 7 other factors.

The Deep Health® Index is based on a weighted composite of these health factors. Your anonymized data is compared against a database of over 58,000 others who have previously been measured. This determines where your health ranks on a spectrum, versus other people of a similar age and sex. Elite athletes have scored as high as a perfect 120 and people in poor physical condition often score in the 20s, 30s or 40s.

Outfox the Deadly "Delay Effect"

We can’t estimate our health based upon how we feel today. Our current habits and lifestyle choices probably won’t affect us tomorrow: they usually manifest decades down the road.  This is called the “delay effect” and it can be deadly. A hard partying, steroid-using bodybuilder can look great but have a distressed heart, liver and neuromuscular tissue. Most chronic disease develops over a period of at least 7 to 10 years before it is detectable by traditional tests. At that point, it is usually too late to make any meaningful lifestyle change or reverse the course.


The Deep Health® Device gives you an undiscriminating view of your current health. It also assesses your risk of disease and estimates where you’ll be in the future, if you continue down the same track. Most people’s health score measures lower than what they would initially guess. But the ability to gently deliver an ‘early warning’ to patients who need one is a powerful aspect of the Deep Health® Device.


Let’s say your health score is 50 and your Deep Health® profile says you have too much visceral fat and low oxygen capacity.  If you take up jogging and manage to lose 10 pounds, your health score might go up by 5 points. If you get stressed and drink too much alcohol one night it will likely go down the next morning. By measuring your health regularly and knowing exactly where you stand, you are subconsciously inspired to improve it. The intrinsic motivational effect of using the Deep Health® Device is powerful and commented on by many who try it. 

Guides Both Patients & Practitioners

The Deep Health® Device guides both patients and practitioners to make better health decisions. It uses the latest advances in signal processing, knowledge of coupling measures, and artificial intelligence machine learning (AI-ML) to analyze and predict health outcomes.

Deep Health’s AI-ML engine can also proactively intervene and provide invaluable triage services. When the device measures a cautionary negative “event” or notices a degenerative health decline, it can notify the user on his or her smartphone.  On the backend, it can discreetly alert the physician or healthcare provider with more sensitive diagnostic data such as the likelihood that a patient may have one of over 30 types of known heart defects.

Saves Lives While Saving on Costs

The diagnostic data provided by Deep Health® Device allows healthcare providers focus on the most crucial issues, freeing up valuable time and resources. The Deep Health® Device is highly affordable, especially when compared to skyrocketing healthcare costs associated with by poor health and lack of awareness on the patients’ part. The powerful diagnostic data and personalized feedback can both save lives and save on costs. 

Health insurers, hospitals, physicians, physical therapists, weight loss centers, coaches &  athletes love using the Deep Health® Device, as do many patients and home users who have had the chance to try it. While some modern technology can be bad for our health, the Deep Health® Device fights back and helps turn the tide. Once the deeper picture of your personal health is revealed, there is no going back.

Discover for yourself how easily the Deep Health® Device can inspire healthier habits and lasting lifestyle change!

For more technical details on you can download the Deep Health® Overview (.PDF) or please contact us to get your questions answered directly.