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Peak Health specializes in certification, education and technology designed to improve human health. We offer an innovative line of plant-based nutritional supplements and health foods, as well as a Deep Health® device with an iPhone app that measures your internal health & vital statistics. Peak Health combines the ancestral wisdom of Ayurveda, nutrition and holistic fitness with breakthrough botanical discoveries and cutting-edge scientific research.


  • Good health is our birthright. It can be cultivated and attained through healthy habits.
  • We should exercise regularly, in a way that mimics the natural lifestyle & hunter-gatherer activities our body was designed for.
  • Avoid toxins & synthetics. “The less, the better” when it comes to prescription medications, smoking, vaping, alcohol or recreational drugs.
  • We should live in harmony with nature via restful sleep, natural whole foods & herbs. Widespread chronic disease (e.g., obesity, diabetes, heart disease) is a warning that our modern lifestyle is not sustainable.
  • Ignorance kills. By measuring our health and getting feedback, we are intrinsically motivated to improve our health.



The roots of Peak Health go all the way back to 1832, in the lush tropical state of Kerala, India. This was the year that the Johnson & Johnson Ayurvedic Pharmacy was founded on Cullen Road in the riverside town of Alleppey. This family-owned pharmacy prepared herbal tinctures from local wildcrafted herbs according to the traditions of Indian Ayurvedic medicine. The pharmacy established such a reputation for quality and expertise that people travelled from afar and lined up every morning to seek health advice and to purchase supplements.

As a youth, Dr. Bomi Joseph visited the family of his uncle, chief pharmacist Douglas Johnson, and he would spend time helping his uncle at the pharmacy. After his uncle died decades later, his cousin did not want to continue the family business. So, Dr. Joseph flew back to India to bring his uncle’s books, notes and recipes back to Silicon Valley where he founded the Peak Health Center in 2015. The Peak Health Center uses some of the same herbal formulations as the original pharmacy, while interpreting the findings of modern clinical research to refine and improve upon the products. Many of our botanical ingredients are still sourced from the original family farms in Southern India that use traditional cultivation methods, without pesticides or chemicals. Some of the herbs we sell are “new” in that the health-sustaining properties were discovered fairly recently.



Dr. Bomi Joseph

Is a Consultant to the Peak Health. He is also an advisor to the World Health Organization and the Food and Agricultural Organization. Dr. Joseph wrote his Ph.D. thesis on the binding of Ligands to G-coupled protein receptors, at The Ohio State University. There is where he first experimented with health diagnostic technology. Since the 1980s, he has been mapping and measuring human health as well as researching phytopharmacology (plant medicine). Dr. Joseph is an avid runner and martial artist who has coached professional athletes to peak performance. Check out his blog at www.drbomijoseph.com/

Dr. Darshana Kargoakar and Pranita Chari

work in Goa, India as Peak Health’s Ayurvedic physician and regional operations manager on the Indian Subcontinent.

Dr. Sonali Krishna and Dr. Gautam Khandeparkar

Senior Ayurvedic physicians in Southern India who generously contribute their vast clinical experience, research findings, botanical knowledge and ingredient sourcing help to the Peak Health Center.

Dr. Avi Cohen

of the World Health Organization Traditional Medicine Program (WHO-TRM) serves as a technology consultant for Peak Health.



  ISO 22000:2018 is the newly revised International Food Safety standard. It is a more stringent certification for handling and processing edibles than what is required by law. 
Kriya® Hops humulus CBD oil is certified as a food ingredient by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI license #10018025000320.)


We are located in a 5,200 sq.ft. commercial facility in Silicon Valley, California.

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